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Seeking full-time employment in a company that rewards success, and an environment where I can apply my technical skills to overcome challenges.

Paramount Pictures
November 2004 - December 2004
System Engineer

  • Created and customized a comprehensive Linux-based auto-installation system to set up diskless machines, booting via fiber to volumes on a network storage device
  • Researched the advantages and disadvantages of various network file systems, mainly NFS and Coda
  • Developed a framework for deploying NFS into production, and built a working test environment
  • Authored detailed documentation outlining project specifics to facilitate maintenance and expansion

Antopia Inc.
May 2002 - Present
System Engineer
Independent Contractor

  • Installed and configured HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP-3, IMAP, and IMAPs Linux servers with Apache, SSL, PHP, mod_perl, MySQL, Qmail
  • Negotiated service from a co-location provider and migrated the entire production system from existing shared hosting solution
  • Dealt with escalating web traffic by performance-tuning previously written perl code to handle increased volumes of concurrent users
  • Provided administration and maintenance over web and mail servers for dozens of virtual domains
  • Performed comprehensive security audits and locked down both new and existing machines
  • Installed and maintained other software packages, including E-mail virus/spam checkers, java-based chat programs and messenger services, and database-driven web applications

Canon Communications, LLC
November 2001 - Present
System Engineer/Programmer
Independent Contractor

  • Installed and configured Linux-based web and mail servers with Apache, mod_perl, PHP, SSL, MySQL, CVS, Qmail
  • Performed on project teams to design and develop database-driven applications for content generation, log analysis, and task automation
  • Provided detailed specifications and recommendations for hardware purchases, contacted vendors, and managed purchasing of new machines
  • Performed maintenance and security auditing of Linux web, mail, and CVS servers
  • Developed automated tools to assist with system administration and backups

Cyberverse Inc.
February 2000 - Present
System Engineer/Programmer
Independent Contractor

  • Installed and maintained web, mail, and DNS Linux servers both for a full-service ISP and its clients, using Apache, mod_perl, PHP, MySQL, Qmail, BIND
  • Acted as technical liaison to clients, hardware vendors, and software companies, tracking and resolving hardware failures and software bugs
  • Deployed a fully-featured host and network monitoring system for both internal and client machines, allowing administrators to be notified of problems quickly
  • Performed security auditing of both newly and previously installed machines, systematically hardening them against attacks
  • Installed and configured a variety of server software and web applications for clients, including Tomcat, Miva, and Samba

Webolution Inc.
July 1999 - Present
System Engineer/Programmer
Independent Contractor

  • Solely responsible for the specification and installation of web, mail, DNS, and SQL Linux servers for a full-service web host, using software such as Apache, mod_perl, PHP, MySQL, BIND, Qmail
  • Evaluated hosting providers and oversaw the provisioning of services for both new machines and ones migrated from other providers
  • Determined the best hardware solution given network infrastructure and budget constraints for a client migrating to their own router, and performed all installation and administration with minimal downtime
  • Provided administration and maintenance over both hardware and software aspects for Linux and Solaris machines
  • Authored several utilities to assist in system administration, such as log rotation/analysis, backups, and generating server configuration files
  • Provided increased availability through redundant machines, backups, and database replication
  • Developed various Apache Perl modules, including a cookie-based authorization module/session tracker
  • Constructed database back-ends for several sites to store user info and integrated the data with other applications, such as bulletin boards and shopping carts

Hughes Space and Communication
April 1998 - July 1999
Web Programmer/System Administrator

  • Purchased, installed, and administered Alpha/Linux web server with Apache, mod_perl, PHP, and MySQL
  • Developed, implemented, and maintained an on-line database of employee information, along with a web-based front end for administration
  • Used employee information to create a fully-featured conference room scheduler using Perl and MySQL
  • Designed and developed an on-line system for archiving information on satellites using PHP and MySQL, and a search interface for this information
  • Developed CGI scripts using C, Perl, and PHP
  • Maintained and updated pre-existing CGI scripts

Web Languages Server Software
  • Apache (6 years)
  • Virtual Hosting (6 years)
  • mod_perl (5 years)
  • CGI scripting (6 years)
  • HTML (6 years)
  • Perl (6 years)
  • PHP (4 years)
  • SQL (5 years)
  • Shell Scripting (5 years)
  • C (2 years)
  • MySQL (5 years)
  • BIND (4 years)
  • CVS (3 years)
  • NFS (3 years)
Operating Systems System Administration Mail
  • Linux (6 years)
  • Solaris (2 years)
  • IOS (1 year)
  • Security Audits (5 years)
  • Backups (5 years)
  • Network and Host-based Security (5 years)
  • Custom Software Installation (6 years)
  • Qmail (4 years)
  • Virtual Domains (3 years)
  • Spamassassin (2 years)
  • ClamAV (2 years)